Chapter 10

Astrid arrived home, to what Cisco would call, her mansion and sent the staff home early. She didn't want the temptation to read their minds. She turned the television on for a moment only to see reports of what had just occurred at the CCPD. She changed the channel to find some melodrama. She decided to immerse herself into a dramatic program to escape from her own life.

She kept expecting her father to walk in at any moment to tell her that the plot just didn't make sense. Though he didn't. she pulled out her phone and flicked through some pictures. She saw one of her father and stared at him for a moment.

She felt like a horrible daughter as she still hadn't even visited his grave site. Though she knew that she wasn't ready to do so. She thought that she had heard something from upstairs. She climbed off the couch and turned off the television.

Clutching her phone, she quietly made her way towards the staircase and up the stairs. The door in front of her led to her father's office. It was closed. She could not sense anyone up there. She felt that maybe she had imagined the noise. She placed her phone into her pocket.

She walked slowly towards the door and placed her hand on the handle, opening the door automatically and looking in the room. It was lined with wooden furniture including bookshelves and a wooden desk. The chair was made from comfortable black leather. On the desk sat his computer, a box of tissues, some pens and a small white envelope.

She sat down on the chair and leaned back. She had forgotten how comfortable his chair was. Of how much it smelt like him. She glanced at the envelope. It was addressed to her. She studied it suspiciously. There was not a speck of dust on it, someone had clearly been in this room to drop it off recently, it sent an eerie chill down her spine.

She picked it up and ran the edges between her fingers and thumb as she contemplated opening it. Her curiosity got the better of her, she opened it and pulled out the letter and read.

'My dearest Astrid.

If you are reading this letter, I am no longer with you and Sutherland Labs is now in your hands. You may be wondering why I have saddled you with such a burden. It is because I know that you will do the right thing. You will make it your own.

I am writing you this letter to explain a few things that you will need to know over the coming months.

The meteor contains green crystals such as kryptonite. I managed to find out that it came from a planet that has been destroyed.

It has given people powers that are from out of this world. It has also killed people. Lionel Luthor will stop at nothing to find out what it does and where it is from. Which means that he will use you and Sutherland Labs resources to get what he wants. Please do not trust him! I beg of you!

I need you to remember that I love you, and that I have faith in you that you will do what is right. Remember when you're afraid of the darkness, you only need to switch on the light.

Love, Dad.

Astrid could no longer hold back her tears. She sunk into her father's chair and cried like a child. Her father had given her the business, only for her to make the mistake of partnering with the one man that he had warned her against. At that point, she did not care what happened to the business, or to the entire town for that matter. Astrid wiped her tears away with a tissue and tossed it into the bin on the floor. She knew what she needed to do. She needed to leave, to get out of town for a little while.

Astrid raced out of her father's office, all the way down the stairs and made her way to the underground car park. She opened the key cupboard and found the key with the blue tag. She picked up her helmet from the hook on the wall and put it on. She walked through the numerous cars until she found what she was looking for. She found her purple Suzuki motor bike. She opened the door to the garage, climbed on her bike and rode right out of the garage, down the street and right out of town. Not stopping until she made it to Sterling City.


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