Chapter 5

"Well that went better than I thought it would," Astrid sighed as she closed the door from her father's lawyer's office and met Cisco in the hallway. "My father has left me everything. The business, his offsite bank accounts, the house... everything."

"You mean the mansion?" Cisco corrected her.

"I mean my home. Has Barry been transferred over yet?"

"Caitlin's finishing off the paperwork as we speak. She called while you were in there." They left the firm, and headed out into the carpark to find Astrid's car.

"Ahhhhgggghhh!" They heard a lady scream and looked around to find a man restraining a woman against a wall. Astrid, remembering her years of martial arts, ran towards the two, with Cisco close behind.

"Leave her alone!" she told the thug.

"Why? Do you want in, Miss Sutherland? I suppose I can make some money out of it." The man sneered, throwing the other girl to the ground. Astrid looked at Cisco to comfort the girl, so he did, as she dodged a punch that she predicted to come from the man.

"Quick, aren't ya?" the guy said.

"No, you're just too slow." She teased back. She predicted him coming at her again. She dodged, perfectly. It surprised her that she could predict his moves coming before they made an impact.

He came at her again, this time her dodge was followed with a counter attack. A punch to the face and then as he covered his face, a kick to the groin. "Owww, you bitch!" he cried out in pain. She stood ready for him to come at her again. He did so, this time reaching for her arm. She grabbed at his hand and gave him an uppercut.

The man stood no chance, and he knew it! "Look, fine! I'll leave you all alone!" the man groaned, and he did so, running as far as he could away from them.

Astrid grinned. Maybe the man had just been predictable, but that was the first fight that she had been in, where she had been left unscathed. It was almost as if she could read his mind, just as she had done so earlier with her friends. But that... that would be impossible!

"Well done!" Cisco boasted, "he didn't leave a scratch on you."

"I'm glad you learnt your lesson from last time, that I can look after myself." She told him.

The woman thanked Astrid. "That's ok, will you be alright getting home?" Astrid asked her.

"My car's over there. I should be fine."

The woman left and drove out of the parking lot as Astrid and Cisco watched her leave..

"I would like to see you dodge this..." a stranger's voice broke Astrid's heroic moment, as a ball of flame came pelting past her head and hitting the wall behind her, making the wall catch aflame.

She looked into the direction of the man who had spoken, she envisioned him forming another from his very hand. But then he did. He was about to fling it at her until she dodged it. " Run, Cisco! Get help! Get water!" she shouted as she dodged another.

"Are you crazy? I'm not leaving you with Flame Thrower, here!" Cisco shot back at her.

"Don't argue with me, Cis! Just do it!" Astrid shot back. She heard the man's thoughts. He was going to aim at Cisco for his next one. Astrid charged the man. She missed and he threw a ball of fire just passing her shoulder.

She was close enough to get him. She punched him in the face, her fist meeting his cheek. He threw another ball of flame, this time it met her leg. It burnt threw her jeans and she felt the pain in her leg immediately. She cried out in pain.

She decided to test herself, to see if she could indeed read minds. This time she saw his next move in her mind. She heard his thoughts. She knew the exact moment that he would raise his hand again, this time aiming for her face. She would not let that happen.

Once again, she charged at him, this time throwing him on to the ground and missing the latest ball of flame. She was kneeling over him, with her foot to his throat and restraining both his wrists with her hands.

He tried to struggle free, Astrid's foot sunk deeper into his windpipe, making him gasp. "How did you do that?!" She demanded an answer. The man tried to laugh, but he could only cough. "How did you do it!" She demanded again.

The man's face began to go blue, Astrid heard emergency sirens nearby. "Astrid, you're going to kill him!" she could hear Cisco's voice and she knew that he could be right at any minute. But she could not take this man's life. She neither moved her foot closer, nor moved it further away. Her eyes locked onto the man's face.

He was staring back at her. She could hear his thoughts. She could really hear his thoughts as if he were speaking right to her. She was afraid of herself at that point. She was able to do something that had never been at all possible. But then so could this man. He could create fire from his bare hands. The question was 'How was this possible?'

"Miss Sutherland! You need to unhand the man right now." She recognised the voice. He was a detective at CCPD, she tried to remember his name... Eddie?

"You don't understand, detective Thawne. This man caused that fire over there. If I let his wrists go, he will only cause another or he will hurt the lot of us." In her peripheral view she could see that he had a gun pointed on her. She could also see firemen setting up to put out the fire beside her.

She remembered that her best friend was staring right at her. She could not kill this man. It was not in her to take a life. "Detective Eddie Thawn? I need you to handcuff this man, but you need to tie his hands into fists first."

Eddie was finding it hard to believe her, though he felt that doing so might be in the best interest for everyone. Another officer handed him some rope along with some handcuffs. He walked slowly towards Astrid, as she released her pressure from the man's throat, though still holding his wrists.

Detective Thawne tied the man's hands into fists before cuffing him and standing him up. "Whatever happened here, Miss Sutherland." Eddie told her, "We will get to the bottom of this. I don't believe your story that he threw fire. I just thought you should know that."

Detective Thawne led the man into a police car to be guarded by another officer and approached Astrid again. "Maybe you should come to the station."

Before Astrid could even respond she watched as the patrol car exploded before her, over Eddie's shoulder "Detective Thawn. Quick! Your officer!" she yelled, pointing at the car.

Eddie turned around, grabbing at his gun, and shooting at the man who had started the blaze. He was attempting to run, but Eddie was too quick with his weapon. He shot the man, before he could escape.

The three of them, along with the firefighters had seen the entire thing. No one knew what to say. The officer that had been in the car had died instantly. "I need the two of..." Eddie started, trying to remain calm, "...the two of you to come with me to the station. We need to figure out just what happened here."

Astrid didn't try to argue. "I can drive you, if you like, detective." 
"I would appreciate that..." he replied.


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