Chapter 3

"Felicity! I need you to hack into the city's cameras. Pull up Field street park at roughly 10:15 this morning. Astrid has gone missing." Oliver commanded of the blonde witty computer geek, the moment he saw her in her office at Queen industries.

 "Astrid? Who is she?" Felicity asked, puzzled. She had surely never heard Oliver mention that name before.
 "An old friend of mine who came into town last night. She vanished today and it's just not like her to do that... Well to leave me with her bag and phone anyway." He placed Astrid's purse on the desk next to Felicity.

"That purse is expensive. Whoever this girl is, she has great taste!" Felicity Smoak marveled.
 "Astrid Sutherland." Oliver said, with a pointed expression on his face, meaning business. He wanted her to get to work. He pulled out his phone to call his friend and appointed bodyguard John Diggle.

Felicity got to typing. She was surprised that she didn't guess sooner. She knew who Astrid Sutherland was. Anybody who was anybody would know who she was. If she was missing, then they had to find her.

She managed to find the video footage from earlier and she waited for Oliver to finish his call. "I think I have it. I have you sitting on the bench talking to the heiress of Sutherland Labs right here. That girl is possibly just as famous as you are Ollie." She said with a smirk.

Oliver stood behind her, his eyes on the screen. "Play the footage."  The footage showed both he and Astrid in deep conversation, he couldn't hear what they were talking about though. Astrid pulled her phone out of her bag but didn't answer it. She placed it back in her handbag, then she stood up and left. "Can you see where she goes?" Oliver asked, but Felicity was already clicking away and pulled up more footage.

This time the video showed Astrid waiting in line for her drink. Someone stood behind her and she turned to talk to them. She wore a look of shock on her face as if she had seen a ghost. She received her drink and then the figure, who was clearly a man from the outline of his back seemed to convince Astrid to follow him. She did so freely, though clutching her hand to her face as if she were deeply distraught about something.

"Felicity can you find out who that man is? Get an image of his face." Fortunately, Felicity was able to hack into another camera. After doing a little searching, she had not only pulled up the face, but also a full profile of the man.

"Oliver. That is James Anderson. He was Mr Robert Sutherland's assistant." She told him.

 "So he survived the meteor shower that killed Robert?" Oliver asked, not knowing what she was so startled about. Felicity brought her hand to her mouth and pointed to his profile on the screen with her other hand. 

"Oliver, he was pronounced dead." Oliver looked at what she was pointing to. By his records he had been pronounced 'deceased'.

"Can you find out where they are going?" Oliver asked her. "Does any footage show if they got into a car by any chance?"

Felicity resumed the video footage, watching the pair. But it went black. As if the tape had been wiped. She tried finding any other corresponding footage, but had no success.

She began to get concerned. As did Oliver. "We need to find her. See what else you can find out about James Anderson. I know she went off willingly, but something really does not feel right at all. I'll call Thea, to get her to let me know if she shows up."

"Have you had any luck finding her?" John Diggle asked when he arrived to Felicity's office. Oliver was on the phone to Thea.

 "No, not yet." Felicity replied, deep in research. "Wait, I think there is something here." She said, grasping Oliver's attention as he ended his phone call.

She had stumbled across a conspiracy forum. "These may just be rumors, Ollie. But this might be the place to start."

 "What do we need rumors for?" John asked.
 Felicity showed them the webpage with a series of posts from bloggers.

'I heard something about a group of men who faked their own deaths and escaped Smallville. Bad stuff, like experiments were being done on them...' Said one comment.

 'I heard that too! Do you know where they all went?' another blogger posted.

 'Nah! Man, it's all heresay! Besides they wouldn't want Luthor corp to find out their whereabouts if it was true.' The first blogger replied.

"You're right, Felicity! There is certainly something to go on. Can the two of you put your ear to the ground, see if you can uncover anything?" Oliver asked them.
 "Already poking around." Felicity said as Oliver began to leave the room, "Where are you going?"

"I'm going to see if the Arrow can find anything." Oliver replied, before leaving. Felicity gave a soft smile towards John Diggle as she got back to typing. They were the only two people who knew the Arrow's true identity and she had sworn an oath that she would never reveal it to a soul.


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