Chapter 5

"Are you okay?" Astrid asked him as the Arrow struggled to get to his feet, "Can you move? Who am I kidding? That bullet would have made it nearly impossible for you to run." Astrid heard voices coming their way. She placed her hands back above her head so they still looked tied up. "Hang in there," she whispered. "I'll think of something."

He looked at his bullet wound. The bullet was lodged into the bone. She was right it would be almost impossible to run. He couldn't find anything to cut it out with. He would need to dislodge it with his fingers. He poked about the wound and located the bullet, pulling it out. He could feel that it had released some sort of chemical into his body. A fancy type of tranquil.

"Well, would you look at that? It seems we have captured both Sterling City's hooded vigilante along with the new CEO of Sutherland Labs." He looked up at the men who had entered the warehouse. There were seven of them. He could take them down if the poison didn't kick in first. He aimed his bow, but the world began to spin. What was in that bullet?

The man who had spoken gestured to the men to hold him down. He attempted to fight them off, but the dosage of the chemical was too strong. His efforts were worthless. As he was held down the leader of the group approached him. He was clearly pleased to have the Arrow in his possession. "Lionel would love this. When he finds that we have captured the Arrow, he will be pleased. But first... "

The man punched the hooded vigilante in the head, but as he pulled back his fist, he removed the hood in the process. "Oliver?" Astrid gasped. How stupid of her not to realise sooner. Oliver tried to shield his face from her.

Astrid saw this as the perfect opportunity. Everyone's attention was on Oliver. Clutching the post, behind her, with both her hands, she pulled up her legs and kicked two of the men that had hold of Oliver head. They fell back.

This gave Oliver enough time to punch the leader making him stumble to his feet, beside Astrid. One man went to punch Astrid. She took hold of his fist and restrained him, almost breaking his arm in the process. Oliver took aim with his bow. He was still feeling very dizzy, but he managed to shoot another man down.

Astrid threw her hostage to the floor, he hit his head on the post that she had been tied to. Oliver shot two more down, while Astrid fought with another. Neither one of them saw the leader of them pull out a gun and aim it at her.

As Astrid head-butted another man who had taken hold of her from behind, she kicked the man that she had been fighting, in the groin. It brought him to his knees. The man that she had head-butted, held his nose, she had clearly broken it. Oliver shot an arrow at him bringing him down.

The leader grabbed at her violently and held his gun to her cheek. Oliver ensured that there were no more men standing, other than the three of them. He aimed the next arrow towards them, though he didn't fire. He knew if he missed, he could kill her. "Astrid?" he asked, looking for a sign of what to do. He could tell that she was reading the man's mind.

"He won't kill me, Oliver." She told him. "If he kills me, Lionel's plans are ruined. Mr Luthor needs me."

"Shut up, girl!" the man told her, "The boss can do his job without you... he always has!"

 "Now, you know that's not true. Don't you? My friends know where I am. This place is bugged and you will be caught on camera if you kill me. Lionel wouldn't like that." Astrid bluffed, hoping that it was working.

The man thought for a moment, he knew that she was right and she knew it. "Let me go, and we let you leave. If not, you know what Lionel will do to you."

He lowered his gun, though Oliver kept his arrow aimed at him. "Call your men off!" Oliver demanded. The man put his gun to the ground and pulled out his phone. He did as he was commanded.

"Now, will you let me go?" he asked of them.
 "We had a deal!" Astrid told him. He turned around, his back to them and began to walk away slowly. Astrid closed her eyes softly as she saw the arrow glide softly past her and strike the man in the back of the head. He dropped to the floor instantly.

Astrid fell to her feet, stunned about what had happened. "We had a deal that he could leave, Oliver!" she told him, looking around at the bodies on the floor.

"No, you had a deal. He was a loose end and he wouldn't have kept his word." He replied.

 "Yes he would have. I can read minds remember? Though I don't know why I didn't know that you were... are the Arrow..."

"This is not the place to talk about this, we need to get out of here, now!" Oliver told her. She agreed and followed him out.


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