Chapter 6

"Why are we heading to a club, Ollie? We need to get you to a hospital. Your leg doesn't look so good and whatever they injected you with, can't be good." Astrid told him as they entered the doors of Verdant. It was the late afternoon and so the club was empty besides the two of them.

Oliver closed the door behind them and hobbled across the floor. He continued to ignore Astrid's offer of support to help him walk. He led her to the back, where a door was locked by a keypad. He typed in a code and the door opened. They both entered the concealed room and Oliver switched on the lights. There were tables, computers on a desk, what looked like a physical training area, shelves and other furniture.

"Ok, I get it. This is your headquarters." Astrid said. She located a table and cleared it, "Now sit down here, before you bleed out!" she demanded, he listened.

 She tore the hole to his pants at the knee wider so she could examine his wound. It was still bleeding heavily. "I still can't believe that you took the bullet out with your fingers. Do you have a medical kit?"

Oliver still felt as if his world was spinning. The effects of the poison seemed to be getting stronger by the minute. He motioned towards a shelf with a large box sitting on top.

Astrid left him for a moment and retrieved the kit, along with a sample kit. "I want to get a sample of your blood and get it tested. We need to find out what that drug is and how to treat it. I'm just hoping that it won't kill you. I stand by my earlier statement... We should have taken you to a hospital." Astrid collected a sample of his blood with the swab and then packed the sample vial in the clear plastic bag. She then bandaged up his leg.

"I can't risk anyone finding out who I am, Astrid. You have to know that."

 "I know that. But I'm concerned because I don't know how bad your leg is, or just what that poison was. You can trust me! I wont tell anyone who you really are. Just as I know that I can trust, that you will not tell anyone my secret. I haven't even told Cisco yet." She sat on the table beside him. "It's funny, it seems like just yesterday we were bonding over the fact our fathers had the same first name. Back when we had just started dating. But now you're Sterling City's vigilante. And I am... I am freak show with telepathic abilities."

"Don't you dare, for one minute call yourself that!" Oliver told her sternly, "You are still the same Astrid you ever were. Nothing will ever change that! I understand that right now you're dealing with a lot, but I want you, for just one minute to think about all that you have to offer. What you did today. You were brave enough to help me fight those men. You were a little rusty on your skills but we made a good team."

"We did, didn't we?" she smiled to herself. Maybe this was her new calling. Maybe she could use her new abilities to help people. But being a hero just seemed to be too much. She didn't want to be in the limelight, it wasn't her place, she hated the media as it was.

Her thoughts were interrupted by Oliver kissing her, though before she could respond someone entered the room and spoke. "Oliver, are you ok? Your tracker said that you were here."

They both turned to see a girl with glasses and a blonde pony tail, walk into the room. 

"Felicity, this is Astrid." Oliver said, getting to his feet. His leg still hurt so it made him buckle a little. 

"Oh my..." Felicity gasped at the sight of Astrid. "You're Astrid Sutherland. You're like a celebrity and you're... right here... Oh! I am Felicity and I am a rambling idiot right now."

Astrid laughed nervously. She picked up the blood sample from the table beside the first aid kit. "I didn't walk in on any special moment did I?" Felicity asked the two of them, "I mean I actually just read that the two of you were an item when you were younger but that was..."

"No, you didn't. Felicity was it?" Astrid responded, trying to cut the awkward tension. "Would you know where I can get a blood test done? It is sort of... confidential." 

"It's okay, Star. Felicity knows who I am." Oliver told her.

 "Oh! That's good. Still would you know? Oliver got hit by a bullet and there was some sort of poison in it. We need to know just what it was, and at the moment, I am just a little far from home to use my own resources." 

"Star? Is it? Wow! That's so cute!" Felicity gushed over Astrid's nickname, "Sure, I can take that for you," she removed the sample bag from Astrid's hands and turned to Oliver and spoke, before leaving them, "John will be here soon. He said he needed to sort a few things out first."

Astrid turned to Oliver. "I read your mind earlier. I saw what you went through on that island. I saw you train. Wow, you can fight! Sure, I know how to fight too and I know a little gymnastics. But I want you to train me, like you were trained. No, I NEED you to train me! I don't want to be the hero. But I also don't want to be a damsel in distress either. Please!"


"I will not take no for an answer, Ollie. You know that I won't!"

 "Ok," he answered hesitantly, "but it won't be easy!" he gave in as he knew it would be in both their best interest.

 "Nothing worth having ever is." she told him.

Oliver hobbled over to the desk and retrieved something for her. "I thought you may have missed this, Felicity was in awe over it." he handed Astrid her purse. She was relieved to have it back in her hands. She pulled out her phone and found that she had received multiple messages and a few missed calls.
 "I spoke to Cisco." Oliver told her, noting her expression.

"Oh no! Oliver..."

 "Relax, everything went fine. I told him that I would look after you and that you need the holiday after everything you have been through. He is worried about you."

 "Of course he is," Astrid muttered under her breath.

 "What happened between the two of you? You two have always been so close. After all he was the reason..." Oliver's voice trailed off.

"Say it, Oliver. He was the reason you and I broke up. I picked him over you and it burnt your ego. It turned you into an ever bigger jerk, but then everything was fine and you met Laurel. But if you must know, he was only ever my best friend." she paused for a moment, "But before my little press conference, I may have... read his mind. He was about to tell me that he's in love with me and always has been."

Oliver didn't seem surprised about this news, "You didn't know?"

 "No I didn't. But none of that matters anymore. My whole world has been turned upside down and right now I need to be selfish. I need to focus on the things that I can control, such as myself, my new abilities and taking over my father's business. Ruining my best friend's life is just not in the cards for me, at this point in time. So he just needs to forget about it."

Astrid wiped away a few tears that had formed in her eyes, unexpectedly. She put her phone back in her purse and put the purse on the table, beside the first aid kit.

Oliver placed his hand on Astrid's shoulder for support. The dizzy spells were getting stronger. To both their surprise, he collapsed to the floor beside her feet. "Oliver!" Astrid cried, alarmed.


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