Chapter 7

Astrid and John Diggle surrounded the table that Oliver was laying unconscious on. Both of which were panicked. Neither one of them had introduced themselves, but they were working together trying to establish what was wrong with their friend.

Astrid barked out an order to the man, "You need to call Felicity. Get her to put a rush on the blood work. I need to call a friend of mine. She'll know what to do!" Astrid pulled out her phone to find Caitlin Snow's number. "Pick up, pick up, pick up!" she pleaded.

 "Astrid? Are you ok? What's going on with you?" Caitlin's voice on the phone was music to Astrid's ear.

"I'm fine, Cait. I need advice. How would one treat poison getting into the bloodstream?" Astrid asked in a hurry.

 "I'm going to need a little more to go on. What sort of poison? Whose injured? Are you okay?" 

 Astrid looked up at John. He was on the phone to Felicity. "You need to tell them to get a move on, Felicity. Now! What's the Chemical?" His face fell as she answered him. Astrid couldn't hear what she was saying but she imagined that it wasn't good.

"Astrid! What's going on?" Caitlin's voice asked her through the phone.

 "Please, Caitlin. You need to trust me. I can't tell you exactly. Just know that I'm ok. I just need to know what to do."

 Caitlin sighed. "You either need to find an antidote or let it pass through the system and keep monitoring vitals. I'm sorry but that's all I can offer you."

 "Ok, thanks Caitlin. I have to go." Astrid hung up and looked at John. 

"They couldn't work out what it was. Felicity is on her way back, now." He told her.

"I thought as much. But I know someone who will. I need to call the man who's responsible for it. He should have the cure." she told him.

Astrid found the number of Lionel Luthor and dialed. Once the receptionist had put her through, Astrid held her breath, preparing herself for what she was about to do. Blackmail one of the biggest sharks in the corporate industry.

"Lionel Luthor, here." His voice spoke on the other end.

 "Lionel Luthor! It's Astrid Sutherland, as you may have guessed. You see we have a problem. A friend of mine was caught in some sort of... predicament with your men. Don't ask me what happened, but I believe it would benefit both of us if you fix their mistake."

"Don't try to weasel me here, girlie. What do you want?" Lionel could see through her charade, but she needed to keep playing ball.

 "Your men shot my friend, Oliver Queen with one of your special bullets. You see the bullet has caused him to suffer badly. I am asking you to bring me the antidote, or you will be held responsible for the death of Oliver Queen. You will be known as public enemy number 1. And I assure you, there will be investigations into Luthor Corp."

Astrid could hear Lionel sigh, she knew that she had touched a nerve. But she didn't care. "Ok, Astrid. I like the way you work. I will send one of my men to meet one of your associates. I will send the location to your phone. You will get the antidote. Though I'm curious as to how your friend got tied up with the business that my men were undertaking, the minute you got to Sterling City. We will be in touch."

Astrid got off the phone and smiled at John Diggle. "He is going to give us the antidote. We need to meet his associate at some location, I just need to wait for the message. That seemed far too easy. Something doesn't feel right here."

"I agree. I'll meet his associate to determine if there is something else at play." Mr Diggle told her. Astrid's phone beeped. She checked the message and showed him the coordinates. "Are you sure that you'll be fine going by yourself?"

"I'm certain. I was originally hired as Oliver's bodyguard.  I can look after myself. Felicity will be back soon. Just keep an eye on him." He gestured towards Oliver and made his way out of the room.

Astrid sat beside Oliver. She felt her stomach growl, she hadn't eaten since breakfast and it was almost 7:00pm. She was hungry but she wasn't going to leave him for a minute. She took hold of his wrist and checked his pulse. It still felt regular. Oliver jolted. He began to murmur in his sleep. She stood up next to him and stroked his hand. "Shhh," 

Astrid focused on his mind. She saw him sitting in an inflatable raft with his father and another man. She could feel his hunger. They were in the middle of the ocean, starving to death. Oliver kept coming out of consciousness. Astrid watched as Robert Queen took the gun and shot his associate and then himself in front of her. Her mind was in the body of Oliver, on the raft.

She wasn't sure if she was feeling his emotions or her own at the shock and grief of what had just happened. This was clearly one of Oliver's memories. "It's ok, Oliver. You're going to be ok." She only hoped that she was right. He seemed to calm down a bit.

"How is he doing?" Felicity's voice startled her and the smell of Big Belly Burger made her stomach growl again. 

"I'm not sure. But your friend, John was it? He has gone to go and get, what we hope, is the antidote from Lionel Luthor."

Felicity nodded, "I thought you might be hungry. I picked up some dinner. I just hope you're not one of those girls that doesn't eat carbs, because I have a big bag full right here." Felicity said holding up a bag of Big Belly Burger. Astrid's mouth watered. "You and I are going to be fast friends. I love Big Belly Burger. It's kind of my weakness."

She took the bag from Felicity and sat down ready to eat. Felicity sat with her own bag and looked up at Astrid "You're not like the normal girls he brings home, you know. I like you."

"Thanks, I guess. I've only just met you. But I get a good feeling about you too." Astrid said, "and not just because you brought me my weakness." She unwrapped her burger and took a bite, hungrily. It was like heaven.

They ate their food in silence. Both of them checking in on Oliver, occasionally.
 Felicity's phone rang. "Diggle? Do you have the antidote?" Felicity asked, when she answered.

Astrid watched the little dance of excitement that Felicity did on the spot before ending the phone call. "We have the antidote. He's on his way now. He said he has a message for you, though. I wonder what it is."


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