Chapter 8

"I have the antidote." John Diggle exclaimed as he walked in holding a vial of clear blue liquid. "Miss Felicity Smoak, would you mind doing the honors? I need to have a little chat with Miss Sutherland in private." He handed the vial to Felicity and walked to the other side of the room with Astrid.

Felicity open the lid and put the bottle to Oliver's lips, feeding him the blue liquid. She used a tissue to wipe the excess from his chin and was relieved as he awoke and coughed a little.

 Oliver sat up, "Felicity, where's Astrid?" 

"She's over there." She said, pointing to Astrid.
 She and Diggle had finished their conversation. She ran over to Oliver and hugged him, with relief. "I had to call Luthor Corp for the cure. He clearly came through with his end of the deal."

 "Who would think that he would help without an agenda? Without wanting something for his assistance." Oliver replied, suggesting that Lionel was not the sort of man to do something for nothing.

Astrid bit her lip and looked over at Diggle. "At least you don't have to worry about that." She told him, "But I want you to rest. Tomorrow, you'll train me!"

"She's demanding! I like her, Oliver." Felicity told him.

The next day, Astrid and Oliver set to training bright and early. Before the sun had even come up. They had been training for at least two hours, now. Astrid threw a punch in the direction of Oliver's face. He ducked and countered her attack, holding her fist and bending her arm behind her back, restraining her.

She threw her head back, in an attempt to hit his face with the back of her skull. He ducked again and then tripped her to her feet with his leg. He restrained her to the floor. "You're rusty, Star. You used to be able to get me to the floor in two moves." He told her.

"Well, that was different... You were thinking with an entirely separate brain... Besides, you spent five years training to survive on an island." Astrid replied bringing her knees to her chest, kicking him backwards and getting to her feet, ready to continue. He threw a punch in her direction this time she ducked and restrained him as her counter. She kicked his leg from behind, which just so happened to be his injured one, from the day before. He fell to his feet.

"I'm sorry, Ollie!" she gasped kneeling down to his level, "I forgot about your leg."
Oliver stroked a lock of her hair, that had fallen in front of her face, behind her ear. "Do not underestimate your opponent." He told her. 

"I could say the same to you," she replied. Before he could think any further, she kissed him and he kissed her back.

Then something crossed her mind. She stood up immediately, leaving him puzzled. "We really can't do this Ollie! The training, yes. But we can't just pick back up where we left off. That was years ago and we have different lives now." She helped him to his feet. She was trying to convince herself.

"It's Cisco, isn't it?" he asked her.

 "Oliver, it's a lot of things. It's also me. I am just not in the right place to be with anyone at the moment. We need to leave it at that, please?"

 Oliver understood very well. He had been where she was now.

 "I brought you guys some water." Felicity's voice chimed in breaking the tension.

 Astrid was relieved for the interruption and took a bottle of water from Felicity. She opened the lid and drank. It was cold and refreshing.

"Was I interrupting something here? I seem to do that a lot." Felicity asked Astrid, as Oliver took the other bottle of water. "No, Felicity. There was nothing to interrupt." Astrid replied.

Astrid handed her back the bottle of water. "Let's get back to work, Ollie," She told him, "I promise you, that I will beat you at something before I leave."

"Leave? So you're still going back?" Felicity asked, sounding offended.

 "Well I need to, my home is in Central City."  Felicity bit her lip. "Well provided you go on at least one girl's day out with me before you do, and you promise to visit, you can go back home."

"It's a deal. We will go out shopping tomorrow... just us girls! Ollie, breaks over! Let's go!" Astrid replied.

 "You hear the girl!" Felicity chimed in, "I'm rooting for girl power!"

 Oliver smirked at them both. "You two are an evil duo." He finished off his water bottle and handed it back to Felicity. He rubbed his hands together, "Ok. Let's get back to work!"

As the sun began to set Astrid had learnt how to use a bow and arrow and had disarmed Oliver multiple times. "I think you just might have it. It's taken you one day to learn what I had in almost five years." Oliver told her. "You're a good teacher. Considering what a horrible student you used to be." Astrid joked.

Astrid heard her phone ringing from in her pocket. She pulled it out and looked at the caller. It was Caitlin. She answered the call. "Hi, Astrid. I have news on Barry."
 Astrid gasped. "What's the news? Is he awake?"

 "Not yet." Caitlin answered, though there was excitement in her voice, "So I may or may not have mentioned earlier that his cells are regenerating at an amazing rate. He is healing rapidly!."

"Caitlin! That's great! Are you telling me that Barry could wake up at any moment?" Astrid was excited at the very thought of it.

"Astrid, not only am I saying that he could wake up soon. Astrid, his body is healing itself... But that' jusst the start of it. Barry is a metahuman."

 Astrid looked at Oliver who had walked over to greet Diggle, whom had just entered on the other side of the room. At least she had some privacy.

"What sort of powers are we talking about, Cait?"

 "We're talking about super-speed! Astrid. From these readings, Barry could run at least 20,000 miles in the blink of an eye, without breaking a sweat."

Astrid's mouth gaped open at hearing this news. Oliver had approached her again and was waiting for her to finish her phone call. "Caitlin, please let me know if he wakes up. Otherwise, I will be back in two days... and Caitlin, tell Cisco that I say hi." Astrid ended the call and put the phone back in her pocket.

"Is everything ok?" Oliver asked, noting the look on her face.

 She smiled at him politely. "Everything's fine." She answered. The thought that her friend was close to waking up, had really lightened the mood. "In fact, what say we all go out to dinner and drinks to celebrate?"
"I'm up for that," John Diggle broke in to their conversation. "After the day I have had, I could use a drink."


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