Chapter 6

"I've done it!" Cisco declared, startling Caitlin. 

"What have you done exactly?" she asked approaching him. He was sitting at a table filled with tech, wires and a set of handcuffs. Cisco held the handcuffs up to show Caitlin. 

"I give up... I only see handcuffs." Caitlin said in confusion.

"These handcuffs may just seem like ordinary handcuffs. But they are lined with the meteor rock and a few extra ingredients creating a dampening mechanism. These Cisco grade handcuffs are designed to dampen the powers of all our bad boy super beings when we arrest them." Cisco boasted. 

"How do you know that they actually work?" Caitlin asked him, "I mean you need to actually test them out on a super-being and with Barry not here, we are a little short of super beings right now."

"When he gets here, I will try them out. But just imagine, these babies will be used in every police station imaginable. It beats doing what the arrow does. We can actually arrest them peacefully. No more repeats of what happened this morning." He was referring to the news report that they had seen earlier, relating to Clyde Marden. Cisco put the handcuffs down to call Barry. He was determined to try out his new invention.

Caitlin walked back to her medical bay. She was feeling 'funny' again. She picked up her glass beaker to pack it away in to the cupboard. Her cold hand caused the glass to turn to ice. It shattered in her grasp causing fractures to fall to the ground. She gasped and turned to ensure that Cisco hadn't seen what had happened. Fortunately, he hadn't. He was busy working on his new invention. 

She sighed a sense of relief that he hadn't seen. She rubbed her hands together to warm them up. 

Barry appeared out of nowhere next to Cisco. "You rang?" he asked. 

"I did, my man! I need you to put these on." Cisco said holding out the cuffs.

"Handcuffs?" Barry asked, "I don't know what you are into... but really, I'm not interested..."

 "What? No! They're power dampening cuffs that could change how we deal with the criminal super beings! I need you to test them out for me. I need to see if your powers work when you wear them. They are meant to prevent your powers from working."

Barry allowed him to put the handcuffs over his wrists and fasten them, "Now what?" Barry asked.

"Try and run." Cisco told him, "but we're in close quarters so try not to break anything! These computers and equipment are expensive. Astrid will kill us."

Barry attempted to run but he could only ran at the pace of a regular being. 

"Boo Yeah!" Cisco cried out, "These babies are going to make us famous!"

"Great, now can you get them off of me, Cisco?" Barry asked, holding out his hands. 

"Uh oh!" Cisco replied scanning his table. "I can't find the key. Hold on a minute." He started rummaging around, searching for the key. 

"You lost it?" Barry asked in disbelief. He joined Cisco in the search, as did Caitlin. 

It was 8:00 at night as Astrid and detective Joe West climbed back in the car after leaving Iron Heights Prison. "The story is still the same, Joe. I think we need to look elsewhere for the answer." Astrid told him.

"I think you're right. I mean I have gone through every shred of evidence and nothing stands out. It's like the person or thing knew exactly what they were doing and how to cover up their tracks. And my theory is that they had the exact same abilities as Barry."

Astrid looked down at the dashboard in the car. She was trying to piece the clues together. "I thought the same thing. Whoever killed Barry's mother would have had to have been a super-being of some sort. But she was killed in 1998. I don't think they even existed back then. They have only come about since the meteor shower. Were there any cases back then that stood out like this?" 

Astrid wondered if Luthor Corp might hold the answer, but from what she had heard from her father, Luthor corp wasn't around back then.

Joe thought back to the time that Nora was killed. Nothing stood out for him either. He shook his head. "No, but I can look through some of the archives back at the station to see if anything comes up. Am I driving you, home or back to Sutherland Labs?"

"Sutherland Labs. I might be able to pull up a little research from there, provided the others have gone home." 

Astrid reached level 97 in Sutherland Labs at 8:45. The lights were off and the staff, throughout the entire building, had gone home for the night, despite a few security guards. She knew that Cisco's computer had remote access to numerous databases which no other computer could reach.

She switched it on and was frustrated that it was password protected. She typed in a couple of passwords, one of them being the word 'password' itself. No he was much too smart for that. She picked up her phone and was about to call Felicity for help.

"What are you doing?" a voice from behind made her jump.

"Cisco, I... er… umm. I can explain."

He was amused, he shook his head at her and typed in the password for her, so quickly that she didn't see. He didn't ask for an explanation, but she needed to tell him as she knew that she would need his help. "If I tell you something, can you please promise not to tell anyone, especially Barry?" she asked him, "please?"

"That depends what it is. I might owe him after I handcuffed him this afternoon and left him in the cuffs for an hour until I found the key." He joked.

"Cisco, this is serious. If we tell him and things don't work out, it could really disappoint him!"

"Fine. I promise I won't tell him, you can trust me. Just tell me what's going on and I'll help you." 

"Joe West and I have reopened the case on Henry Allen. We want to get him out of jail, but all the evidence we have doesn't prove our assumptions. I need to know if there were any cases of these super-beings back when Nora Allen died. Any unexplained cases or anything out of the ordinary."

Cisco retrieved another chair from the other side of the room so there were seats for the both of them. "You're going to have to put on some coffee, Astrid. This will be a long night." 


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