Chapter 7

"Astrid, wake up! I think I found something!" Cisco's voice broke into her brief moment of rest, only while it had felt like a brief rest, it had actually been much longer. She opened her eyes and lifted her head up from the desk.

"Wow, how long was I out for? She asked him, groggily. 

"Only an hour. You were talking in your sleep. What's a truth lasso?" 

"Just something from an old comic book. You said you found something?" 

"Well, you said you wanted something out of the ordinary, I found two separate cases that stood out. One case where a psychiatric patient from the 70's claimed that they saw a space ship... Though instead of little green men, they saw people with technology from... get this... our time."

"That sounds like almost every psychiatric patient that I've ever met. You said there was another?"

"This one, I'm glad you're sitting down for it, as it is less about the case and more about Barry's family. I found Nora Allen's hospital report at the time of Barry's birth. Did you know that Barry was a fraternal twin? But apparently the twin passed away, did he ever mention that to you?"

"No. Maybe he doesn't know about it." Astrid said unassumingly. 

"The part that stood out for me was that the doctor who delivered him was fired, and lost his license when... get this... he was caught drinking on the job. He was trying to deal with some big mistake that he had made. He admitted to accidently causing the death of a newborn baby, and lying about the death of another. He apparently gave that child away. Though there was no proof about it as he refused to give up any names. I have the article right here." Cisco showed Astrid the documents. She didn't know what to say.

"Can you print those pages out for me, so I can give them to Joe?" 

"Print what?" Caitlin's voice made them both jump. "What are the two of you doing here this early? It's only 6.30 in the morning!"

Cisco collected the printed pages, while Astrid minimized the browsers, that were open on the computer screen. Caitlin looked at them with suspicion. "It's fine, whatever the two of you are working on, I either don't want to know, or you'll end up roping me into it sooner or later, whether I want to be involved or not."

Cisco handed Astrid the printed pages, which she folded in half and held onto tightly. "You're right Caitlin. This is something you do not want the burden of being involved in." Astrid told her friend. "I have to get to CCPD. But before I do that, I need to get in contact with my father's old driver, considering my car was involved in an accident yesterday." She began looking through her phone's contact list.

"I'm sorry, what happened to your car yesterday?' Caitlin asked. This was news to both her and Cisco's ears. 

"You didn't know? Clyde caused a lovely little storm and my beautiful corvette turned into the Delorean as it flew through the air with both Barry and I inside." 

"Wow! That would have been amazing to see." Cisco told her wistfully, "Bad! But still... amazing to see." Astrid shook her head and called her father's old driver. 

Astrid entered CCPD early, and headed straight for Joe's office. Eddie Thawne stopped her on the way. "Wow, Astrid, you're here early. Are you wearing the same clothes that you wore yesterday?" he asked. 

"How would you even know that?" she answered.

"I'm a detective, remember? I get paid to pay attention to details. If you're off to see Joe, he went out to get coffee ten minutes ago, but he should be back soon. He has been pouring over a bunch of files all night. Captain Singh appointed me as his partner a week back and he still doesn't tell me anything." Eddie continued.

"He probably doesn't trust you yet. Give him time... but then again, you are dating his daughter, that might have some impact on the relationship you share with him." Astrid replied. 

Eddie's face stared towards the floor. "He doesn't yet know. Please don't tell him."

"It's not my job to reveal someone's secrets. I'm a psychologist, remember?" Astrid replied, imitating his earlier tone. She tried to like Eddie, but despite knowing there was nothing to be afraid of, she still didn't trust him. There was just something about the simple detective that she couldn't quite put her finger on. 

Astrid turned to see Joe enter the room, carrying a cup of coffee from Jitters. Clutching the documents in her hand, she made her way towards him, dismissing Eddie as she left. "Joe, can we talk? I found something that I need to discuss with you."

Joe led Astrid to his office and closed the door behind them. She handed him the pages of research that Cisco had printed off and waited while he scanned over them.

"What is this, Astrid?" he asked her, puzzled.

"I know it doesn't have anything to do with our case, but I was never aware that Barry had a twin brother. This is a copy of Nora's hospital record and it says that she delivered one live baby and one stillborn. The doctor who delivered the babies was soon after disqualified for malpractice. He was drinking on the job and rambling about some case that he had been involved in concerning twin babies being separated at birth, though he never gave any names. That article is the second document"

Joe reread over the pages again. "Are you saying that you believe that Barry's twin is not actually dead, but out there somewhere? That is very unlikely. Though, I never knew that Barry had a twin at all, even if it did die at birth. It's a very unlikely suspicion but I'll speak to Henry. and Astrid? Please, not a word of this to Barry."

"You have my word, however... Cisco knows what we're doing, in fact he was the one who found this information." Astrid confessed.

Joe nodded and opened the door for her as she left. He closed it behind her again and sat at his desk to read the information that she had given him.


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