Chapter 8

Barry looked at his watch. It was 8.15am and he was in his red suit, earpiece in place and listening to Cisco give him coordinates of petty crimes in Central City, while he arrested the criminals in a flash. 

"Right, Barry there is a bank robbery on the corner of West avenue and 23rd Street."

"This will have to be the last one, Cisco. I was supposed to be at work fifteen minutes ago."

"Oh, come on. You're the fastest man alive and you still can't even make it to work on time. Am I the only one who sees the irony in that?" Cisco joked, as he tried to hold back a yawn. Caitlin had just brought him a fresh cup of coffee from Jitters and he was waiting for it to cool down.

 "No, I see the irony too." Barry said as he made it back to Sutherland Labs and changed out of his suit and into his clothes, so quickly that no one saw. "maybe I should just get Captain Singh a coffee as a peace offering before he tears me to pieces." He picked up the Jitters coffee from beside Cisco, "Sorry man, I owe you one." Before Cisco could protest, Barry had disappeared with Cisco's coffee in hand.

Barry reported to the CCPD entrance where Joe, Eddie, Captain Singh and a few other officers were gathered. "You're late Barry," Captain Singh growled at him. 

"I got you a coffee, Captain Singh." Barry replied feeling a little light headed, he handed the coffee to Captain Singh and sat down on a nearby chair. Joe looked at him with a look of concern on his face. 

Captain Singh turned to the officers addressing them regarding a series of crimes that were being solved by something known as 'The streak'.

"Whoever this streak is we need to capture him, as he can only be bad news." Captain Singh told his men. He was interrupted by an officer, who relayed a phone call, in relation to a bank truck that was currently being hijacked. "All right! Let's go get them!" Captain Singh demanded. 

Joe and Barry, who was still feeling very light headed, subtly stayed behind. Joe ran to get Astrid's attention, leaving Barry on the chair. "Astrid, I know you're not a doctor. But can we take Barry to Sutherland Labs? Something's wrong with him."

Astrid ran after Joe, to find that Barry had collapsed on the floor, unconscious. "We're going to need to drive him right away!" Astrid demanded. They both pulled Barry into Joe's police car.

"Is everything ok?" Eddie asked, concerned for Barry's welfare. Joe was unaware that Eddie had stayed behind. "I'm sorry Eddie," Joe told him, "It's a personal matter. I need you to cover for me!" Joe drove Astrid and Barry immediately to Sutherland Labs, hoping to make it in time.

"Is he ok?" Joe asked Caitlin, as she went over Barry's vitals. Barry was now awake, very alert and had just devoured at least eight Big Belly Burgers and counting. "Barry's fine." Caitlin said, "He was just burning so many calories that his body couldn't keep up. This gives him a reason to eat as much as he needs to, to replace the calories that he's burning off." Joe and Barry were both relieved. 

"Astrid, while I have you here, can I talk to you about a very important matter?" Cisco said, sounding very concerned about something. He pulled her away so they couldn't be overheard.

He bit his lip and flicked his hair, behind his ear nervously, as he tried to think of the right way to break the bad news. 

"Cisco, what is this about? What have you done?" Astrid asked.

"I might have built something, that I shouldn't have built, and it might have gotten... into the wrong hands." He told her, in all seriousness.

"How bad is this... thing... that you built? Cisco?" She looked up to ensure that they were not being over heard.

"Bad-bad! Picture a weapon that blasts a pure ice cold stream at such a high pressure that..."

"What? You built a weapon? We don't build weapons here! We don't keep them here! Why would you do that?" 

"It had to do with me watching The Ghostbusters and thinking that I could build that... but that really isn't the point... The point is that someone else knew that I built it and that last night, while we were here, someone broke in and stole it."

"How the hell are we going to explain this one? When everybody finds out about this, Sutherland Labs will have to pay for this... Oh my god! I could strangle you right now!" 

"But you won't because we're best friends and there is... a police officer standing right over there..." Cisco said looking towards Joe. Astrid rolled her eyes and grumbled.

"Are the two of you ok?" Joe asked.

"They get like this... it's part of their dynamic." Caitlin explained.

"Joe, we need your help." Astrid told him.

"You're asking the law enforcer?" Cisco whispered to her through gritted teeth, "he could lock us away."

"Do you have a better idea on how to find it?" she asked him with the same tone.

"What's the problem?" Joe asked, ignoring their banter.

"Just say that something may have been built that probably shouldn't have been built and it got into the wrong hands." Astrid said, "we need your help to get it back."

"What is this thing, exactly?" Joe asked.

"It's a cold gun," Cisco explained, "and it is very dangerous." 

Joe sighed out of frustration. "I'll try and get it back, and when we do... you need to make sure that it gets destroyed." He said pointing at Cisco. 

Cisco nodded, he knew that he had no other choice. "Barry, Astrid. We need to get back to CCPD while we still have jobs left." Joe told them. 

As Astrid was about to leave she turned to Cisco, "We will get this thing back. But please, no more weapon building. I can see myself having to deliver another press conference for this if it becomes public knowledge." With that she turned and left.

"You got the boss mad." Caitlin said when Astrid was no longer in ear shot. 

"I should have done what I usually do and stuck a tracker into it." Cisco replied, bringing both his hands to the back of his head "She's going to fire me if this all goes wrong. I'll be known as the one who brought down Sutherland Labs by illegally building grade A weaponry." 

"Relax, she won't fire you. She likes you too much, you just don't see it." Caitlin told him. She stared intently, as her hands started to grow cold again. She closed her fists and tried to prevent the icicles from forming, praying that it wasn't happening. But she knew that it was and that she couldn't stop it. She needed to do something about it. But not while Cisco was here. "You know what that weapon is a capable of. Maybe you should go with them and help them find this weapon of yours." 

Cisco was now sitting at his computer. "You might be on to something. I'll call Astrid now. Hopefully they haven't reached the parking lot yet."


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