Chapter 9

"Joe! Your job is on the line, so the next time you go off on a personal matter, I hope it's for an actual emergency!" Captain Singh blasted Joe, when the group had returned to the CCPD, with Cisco in tow, "we lost the perps responsible for holding up the trucks. One of the men had some form of ice weapon and killed two of our guys. They got away with $70,000 and I am holding you resp... Who is this guy?" Singh asked referring to Cisco.

"He is an expert when it comes to this sort of weaponry," Joe cut in, "we have him here for a consult."

"Really? You look like a kid. We don't need a consult! We need a solution! We already know what that weapon can do, but how do we protect my men?" Singh had directed his anger towards Cisco at this point. 

"Maybe shields?" Cisco suggested as a nervous joke.

"Shields? Are you mocking me?" Singh asked.

"No, captain Singh." Astrid chimed in, thinking on the spot. "Cisco is one of Sutherland Labs best mechanical engineers. His team are working on shields that will be impenetrable to this cold gun." She looked at Cisco hoping that he would get the hint to play along.

"Yes, shields... They are... my team are currently working on them, as we speak." Cisco clarified, poorly. 

Fortunately, Singh had bought it. "Good, I want these shields done by the end of the day!" Captain Singh left the group standing in the middle of CCPD.

"You have a plan, I take it." Barry questioned her. 

"I do. We need to find these guys and we are going to stop them. But to do so we need equipment. Cisco, you built this thing, so in theory, you should know what we need for protective gear. You and I will go back to Sutherland Labs and round up a team to start building. We are going to need a lot of shields." 

Astrid and Cisco left CCPD, making their way back to Sutherland Labs as quickly as they had arrived. Joe and Barry joined the other officers to determine where the perps might strike next.

Roughly two hours later, "There is currently a hostage situation at West City bank!" A police officer called out, alerting Joe and Barry.

"I'm going to..." Barry started.

"You're sure you're ok to..." 

"I'm fine Joe..." Barry interrupted as he left Joe to vouch for him.

Barry had made it to the bank and had attempted to open one of the side doors. It wouldn't budge. The temperature of the door confirmed that it had been sealed shut by the cold gun. He circled the building trying to find another entrance, one that would open, though none would. 

Barry thought back to when he had been in his office and his hand began to vibrate really fast. He wondered if he could use that skill to open the door. He focused on his hands and imagined them doing the exact same trick. It worked, his hands were phasing, just as a guitar string would do. He brought his hands up to the door and within no time, the door came loose so he was able to open it. 

As he stepped inside he ran towards the voices, there was a room full of hostages, and two men helping themselves to the safe. One of them had a large weapon in hand. Barry was relieved that he hadn't yet been seen. He began taking out the hostages one by one, as fast as he could. 

The man with the cold gun noticed the Flash coming and shot at the streak as it went past him. It hit Barry's leg and made him tumble. "I knew that that I could make the streak freeze." He said, with a laugh. 

Outside, sirens started up and by the sounds of it there were quite a few of them. Some officers ran through the door which Barry had used to enter the bank. The man with the cold gun shot them down too. Though they were still alive.

"Snart. Let's get what we have and blow this place sky high." A man with a gruff voice called out.

Barry tried to phase his leg, the same way as he had done with his hands, but he wasn't having any luck in doing so. He was frozen stiff. The man, now known as Snart, made his way back to his crime partner and whispered something that Barry couldn't quite determine. Barry clicked the button on his earpiece to open the connection to Sutherland Labs.

Astrid had left Cisco with a team of mechanical engineers as she went up to speak with Caitlin. She had felt an uncomfortable feeling regarding her friend Caitlin, that something was not quite right, since she had gotten back to Sutherland Labs and she needed to know what the issue was.

As she got to the 97th floor she probed for Caitlin's thoughts. Caitlin was heavily entranced in her work, analyzing a blood sample. Though there was something about the blood sample that stood out.

"Caitlin," Astrid called out to her friend, "who's blood sample is that?"

"It's Barry's." Caitlin lied on the spot. But this was the lie that Astrid would not let slide. Not this time.

"Caitlin, You're lying. What's going on with you?" Astrid asked. Caitlin didn't know what to say, a look of fear came over her.

Astrid read Caitlin's thoughts and had to approach her friend cautiously. "Whatever it is, Caitlin. We will get through it. You can trust me."

"I know that I can trust you, Astrid. But right now, I need to deal with this by myself first. Please, just let me sort this out first and then I will come to you when I am ready." 

Astrid was not going to argue with her friend when she was doing the exact same thing with her mind abilities. "Ok, Caitlin. You know where to find me when you need me."

"Thank you." Caitlin replied.

"That's an odd sounding tone." Astrid said referring to the phone on Cisco's desk, that had begun ringing. She answered it and said 'hello.' There was no answer, but she listened. She could hear distant voices.

Caitlin raced towards the computer next to her and clicked on a browser. "It's Cisco's new emergency network," she claimed, "Barry's in trouble."

"Oh Great!" Astrid said with sarcasm, as she saw his tracker signal on the computer "he went to the bank. There is a hostage situation and he went unprotected. We need to call Cisco to get up here quick, we have no time to build those shields, we need to think of something fast."

Five to ten minutes later, Cisco had emerged from the 22nd floor. "You called, I came, what's going on?" Cisco said confidently, as he made his way towards Caitlin and Astrid. Astrid retrieved an ear piece from Caitlin and placed it comfortably in her ear. 

"I've called Joe. I need to get to the bank. By the sounds of it Barry is in trouble and Snart has him. I need to go and help him." 

"Astrid, you're a criminal psychologist. You're not a cop, what are you going to do?" Cisco questioned her. 

"I'll figure it out when it comes to it. I can't leave Barry there by himself. Caitlin, I need  the two of you to stay here at all costs!" She told them racing out of the room. 

"She can't do that! We can't just let her risk her life." Cisco told Caitlin. 

"We have to, Cisco. Something tells me that she knows exactly what she's doing." Caitlin assured him, as they watched Astrid's tracker signal on the computer.


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