Chapter 4

John Diggle crept into the laboratory where Barry and the other patients were being held. He had seen the late Dr Sutherland approach Barry from the window, although he could not hear what had been said. He was relieved that he had not been seen.

He crept in to the laboratory, entirely sure that the doctor had left. "Barry, we need to find a way out of here. Was that really Dr Sutherland?"

Barry was relieved to see John Diggle. "It was his body, but something else was in control of it." Barry told him. John untied Barry's bindings from behind his back.

"We need to wake these guys up and get them to safety." Barry told John, glancing over at Martin Stein. John was reluctant. "Barry, we don't have time." But Barry had already begun freeing and waking them up. There were six patients, all were hesitant to trust Barry and Diggle until Martin convinced them otherwise.

"Do any of you know how to get out of here?" John asked them. Martin was trying to get his bearings. It had been such a long time since he had been allowed to stand. "I think I remember." He told them, "But it has been a while since I have been on my... I mean Ronnie's feet."

Barry and John were confused. Understanding their confusion, Martin elaborated, "You see I was in charge of a project which was taken over by Luthor Corp. My DNA was merged with another, a young man named Ronnie Raymond. I inhabit his body you see..."

"Ronnie Raymond?" Barry repeated, "Wow, Caitlin is going to freak!" 

"She will only freak if we manage to get out of here, Barry." Diggle chimed in, "We will continue the conversation later. Let's just find the others!" 

Martin led Barry, Diggle and the patients out through the same door that Dr Sutherland had used to exit the room, making their way into a cement-wall corridor, roughly twenty meters long, with a door at the other end.

As they got to the door, Martin stopped and listened to the faint voices on the other side. "We can't go out there yet." He whispered to them.

"What? Why?" Barry asked. He listened to the voices. They belonged to his friends and someone else, it must have been Lionel Luthor.

 "If we are going to have any chance of getting out of here," Martin Stein started, "we need to get into that room there without being detected."

John crouched down next to the bottom of the door. "There is no light coming from the bottom of the door." He whispered to them, "meaning that there is an object on the other side of the door." He pulled his earpiece from his ear and held it between the gap under the door, clicking the button three times quickly, three times slowly and then three times quickly again. 

All he needed was to receive enough signal for Cisco and Felicity to reach the transmission of his earpiece. The earpiece was inbuilt with a tracker so even if they couldn't hear his voice they could get a reading of his location. John waited a few moments and then repeated the clicking transmission. He would continue this for as long as it took.

 "Felicity, What's that sound?" Cisco asked. 
 "What's what sound?" she asked in return.
 "That clicking... listen..." they both listened, but the clicking had stopped. They waited in case they heard it again. Click-click-click... Click...Click...Click... Click-Click-Click.

"There it is again!" Cisco exclaimed, excitedly. That's got to be them. 
 "I think that's Diggle." Felicity said, excitedly. She flicked through the security footage and turned on the thermal imaging. "There they are!" she yelled out, startling Cisco as she pointed to the red silhouettes standing and kneeling on the other side of the secret book case entrance of Lionel Luthor's office. Inside Lionel's office, Astrid, Caitlin and Oliver were meeting with Mr Luthor himself. 
 "You guys! You have to get Lionel to leave his office. Dig and Barry are on the other side of the bookcase." Cisco told them. 

"Mr Luthor." Astrid improvised, "I am not going to lie to you. Oliver and I heard a few conspiracy theories in relation to Luthor corp conducting tests on humans. I need to know if that is true."

"Miss Sutherland. You're a big girl, you should know not to believe every little rumor you hear." Lionel said, "Nonetheless, I understand that you would both like to see proof. Very well if you lot will follow me." Lionel led them out of his office, closing the door behind them. "Diggle, if you can hear us. The coast is clear..." Felicity called out.

 John could hear Felicity's voice coming from the mini speaker. He could have sworn he heard her tell him that the coast was clear. He listened out for voices in the next room, though there were none.

He stood up and held the door handle in his hand, turning it. The door was locked. He heard members of the group behind him sigh in frustration. But he wasn't concerned. His years in the military had taught him to always be prepared. He pulled out a paperclip from his pocket and bent it to fit through the lock in the door. The click of the door, as it unlocked was a big relief to the lot of them. 

He turned the handle and the door opened, and then, automatically, so did the book case. They all felt a rush of freedom as they stood inside Lionel Luthor's office. Barry attempted to phase his hand. His powers were working! Martin's whole body burst into flame on will, startling both Barry and Diggle. He eliminated the flame and apologized. "I'm sorry. It's the firestorm matrix."

John reconnected his earpiece and spoke. "Felicity, Cisco. We need to get the hell out of here. We have a whole group with us. We need directions."

"As much as I would really love to give you directions, Dig, you guys are going to have to ..." Before Felicity could finish her sentence the connection had been cut and the door of Lionel's office swung open and in walked Lionel, Oliver, Astrid and Caitlin. 

"I knew that there had been a reason that you would encourage me to leave my office after I heard reports of a breach in Luthor Corp. It seems that you have succeeded in freeing the patients, which is the reason that I let those runaways escape in the first place." Lionel told them walking towards a young teenage girl. She stepped away from him. She was clearly afraid of the man. 

Barry stepped in between them. "Oh I know your power Barry Allen." Lionel told him, with mockery in his tone. "But let me ask you this: while you have all been under my roof, breeching my home, who has been protecting your little computer geniuses?"

"Felicity?" Oliver tried to communicate through his earpiece. 
 "Cisco, can you hear me?" Astrid called out. "Barry? We need to help them!" Barry looked at the patients, none of them were in any condition to fight, let alone walk. "I need to get these guys to Safety first." He told her. He created a blur of lightning bolts and energy as he came back and forth taking the patients to a safe harbor.

 "Where is Cisco and Felicity?" Astrid demanded an answer. She attempted to read Lionel's mind, but she couldn't. He smiled. Somehow he knew what she was doing. John Diggle restrained Lionel by the arms, though this did not break the man's mocking demeanor.

"Tell us where they are!" Oliver demanded. 
 "Oh you will see very shortly, I assure you."
 At that moment Caitlin glanced over at Martin Stein, she recognized him instantly. "Ronnie? It's me Caitlin." Martin had a confused expression on his face, but then the confusion subsided. "No, my name is Martin Stein. Though the young man known as Ronnie is in here too."

Caitlin was baffled. She let her frustration loose at Lionel. "What did you do to him!" she yelled, letting nothing but a strong cold wind blow in his direction. Astrid tried to calm her friend down by putting her arm around her back. 

Lionel stared at her, his mocking demeanor still did not subside, instead he was, all the more, amused by this action. Astrid observed his behavior, this man had something up his sleeve. She had seen this before with many criminals that she had interrogated and interviewed.

"Why, Caitlin Snow. Are your friends aware of this side of you?" he was staring her directly in the eyes as her face was inches from his own. Astrid was puzzled, she looked at Caitlin whose face had changed dramatically. 

Her face had become white as... as snow... her eyes had quite literally grown cold with ice. Astrid let go of her. For a moment, she even feared her best friend, Caitlin.

Barry had returned and was standing beside them, all the patients including Martin, Ronnie or whoever he was, had been taken to safety and now even he was staring at her.

"The meteor shower changed people. You all know that, Barry Allen, Caitlin Snow and even you Astrid Sutherland. Those patients that you rescued, I didn't give them their powers. I merely wanted to know what they were capable of. That meteor shower gave humanity a gift making them stronger than ever before. We are going to need that strength for what lies in our future. Aliens are coming, in fact they are already here... and they want nothing but war!"

"Lionel, you're are smart man..." Astrid told him, "but, there are no such thing as aliens. You are being delusional!" 

Caitlin had focused all her strength on calming down. Her eyes had gone to the soft brown eyes as before and her skin had gone back to normal too. "Where are our friends?" she demanded of Lionel.

All the attention had been shifted back on to Lionel, "If you unhand me for a moment. I will show where they are. I am of no match for any of you." Oliver nodded at John to let go of Lionel, so he did.

Lionel walked to his desk and opened his laptop. He pulled up a screen and enlarged it. It was security footage of a room, a warehouse of some sort. Cisco and Felicity were bound and gagged to chairs. 

"I understand that none of you are as computer savvy as either of them, and I assure you that your friends are not kept anywhere on Luthor grounds. But the clock is ticking, so you will need to hurry." He told them menacingly.

"What are you going to do? You can't have taken them that far, in this short amount of time?" Barry questioned the man."

"Can't I? You clearly weren't listening when I mentioned the word 'aliens'. Those two are merely at the mercy of one that I am in association with." he told the group.

"Go, Barry! Go!" Astrid called out, she demanded of her friend. He was gone before she could finish her sentence.


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