Chapter 5

Felicity and Cisco stirred in their seats alongside each other. They couldn't break free of the binds that had them strapped to the seats side by side one another. They hadn't seen what had happened. But it should have been expected as hacking into Luthor Corps mainframe had been far too easy for them. 

They had lost their communication channel with their friends and could only hope that their friends would find them somehow. 

Cisco looked around at their surroundings. They seemed to be in an old storage room filled with shelves containing nothing at all useful. It was a large room and apart from a few small windows up high, it was quite dark. 

He wiggled his head, fortunately his gag broke free, he could only wish that he could do the same with his wrists. On seeing him do so, Felicity wiggled free from her gag too.

"What do you remember, Cisco?" Felicity asked him, "did you see who brought us here?"
 "no, I didn't. They knocked me out before I got the chance. No actually, I think I was chloroformed."

"They have had to have been watching us work. If that is the case, they would know why we were doing it." Fear was in her voice. 
 "No! that would mean that Barry and the others would be in trouble. That Luthor Corp has been watching us, as we have been watching them." Cisco told her. He looked around the darkened roof, "If I am right, we are still being watched. They have to have cameras around here somewhere." Felicity looked around also, neither one of them could see anything.

 As Barry had left, Oliver had left with the story that he was going to go looking for Felicity and Cisco by himself. He had returned as the Arrow, and threw Lionel up against the bookcase, making a few books fall off the shelf. "Quit playing games, Luthor! Tell me where they are!"

"I know who you are... vigilante..." Lionel sneered, as his head hit the shelf.

 Astrid studied the footage on the screen, looking for some location stamp or anything to indicate where they were. "I only see numbers," she told her friends. 

There was a knock at the door and the Arrow let go of Lionel. The group would either be kicked out at this point or they could act as if nothing had happened. 

Lionel ran to the door, fixing his suit and tie. "Mr Luthor, is everything ok in here?" It was Martha and she was standing with a young boy who was wearing a black cap. 

"Mrs Kent, everything is fine. Now I ask if you would mind taking Lex somewhere for him to go play. I am in the middle of something very important right now. Martha looked as if she wanted to argue her point, but she took Lex by the hand and left as Lionel closed the door behind them.

"I apologize for that intrusion. Where are my manners?" he told them, "those numbers are a default sequence, there is no way of using them to track your friends. 

Astrid thought of Martha, she would be the best possibility to gain information on her friend's whereabouts, but she needed someone to stay with Lionel and keep her updated if something were to happen to Cisco and Felicity. "John, I need the two of you to stay here. Get what you can out of him. I have an idea." She and Caitlin left the office in search of Martha. 

They found her not far down the hallway. The boy she had been with, had stormed ahead. He was clearly upset about being dismissed by Lionel. 

 "Martha, I need your help." Astrid said, "Something tells me that I can trust you, I am not sure if you are aware, but your boss seems a little..." she couldn't think of the correct word. 
 "If you are about to say ruthless? I agree." Martha told her, with a soft tone. "Astrid Sutherland, I know who you are. And I know... knew your father. He was an amazing man," She had slipped up on her words. 

"Mrs Kent, can we go somewhere and maybe have a little chat? Please?" Astrid asked her. 
 Martha hesitated but then agreed. "Lionel has this entire place bugged, we will have to leave the premises, but I know just the place."

 Mrs Kent brought Astrid and Caitlin to her home. A farm on the outskirts of Smallville and offered them a drink and slice of cake. 
 "This is a beautiful home," Caitlin told her.
 "Thankyou. This farm has been in our family for generations and is a great place to raise a child." Martha told them. Astrid glanced over at a photo of Martha and what must have been her husband and son. Only the boy was the same child that Astrid had seen in Martha's thoughts.

"Your son is adorable." She told Martha, "he looks just like you."
 Martha blushed, "thank you. But Clark was adopted."

 Astrid read Martha's thoughts again, and immediately understood why Martha was working for Lionel. She was being blackmailed by him. Martha's adopted son Clark had special abilities, Lionel knew this and in order to keep the Kent's secret he had blackmailed her to work for him. In return he keep Clark's gifts a secret. 

"Miss Sutherland, I understand that we are not here to talk about my son," Martha told them sternly. "No, that is correct." Astrid told her, "I'm not going to lie to you, because I know that I can trust you. Lionel Luthor has my friends somewhere and I need to find them before he or whoever he is working with, does something to them."

"Why would Lionel have your friends?" Martha asked the girls. Astrid bit her bottom lip, while Caitlin looked away. "Look, girls. I cannot help you if I don't understand what is going on..." Martha told them.

"Astrid we..." Caitlin began, but they were interrupted by the sudden arrival of Mrs Kent's husband. He looked a little panicked about something. "Martha. I need you to come with me for a moment." He told his wife, "Jonathon..." Martha began, but instead she turned to her visitors and excused herself, and followed her husband outside.

"They are hiding something," Caitlin said, "did you get any readings on her?" 
 "I did." Astrid said, standing up. "Let's go find out what it is." 

 They left through the same door that the Kents had used and followed their voices towards the barn. 
 "...Clark, Please. You need to put the truck down." Martha said from inside the barn. 
 Astrid looked at Caitlin and then they both crept into the barn behind the Kents, whose attention was on their red truck that was currently being lifted in the air by the back end. Jonathon Kent turned to the girls. "You two need to leave immediately." He told them, as he stood in their view. 

Astrid glanced over his shoulder as the truck was placed neatly back on the ground, by none other than the young boy who had been holding it. 

She and Caitlin were in awe. The Kents both attempted to make both the girls leave before they saw anything else. "Your son Clark was affected by the meteor shower too." Astrid told her, "I know you are both scared, but you can trust us, I promise you." 

"I'm sorry. I will drive you back to Luthor Corp, ladies. You both need to leave." Martha told them. "We will take the car, instead." Jonathon picked up their son, who waved at the girls as they left with his mother. 

"Please, Martha... You can trust us. I promise you!" Astrid pleaded as they got to Martha Kent's car. 
 "I can read minds, I was affected by the meteor shower too and it granted me this..."

"Please, do not mock my family, Miss Sutherland..." Mrs Kent told her. 
 "I promise you I am not. I know how you found Clark! The two of you barely survived when a meteor fell into your road while you were driving home from the markets. You found Clark by some sort of black machine..." Astrid told her quickly.

"How do you know that?" Martha questioned her, and she realized it too. That Astrid was telling the truth. That this girl, could indeed read minds.

 Oliver glanced down at Lionel whose face was swollen and was bleeding from the nose. He had assumed that Lionel had been bluffing about knowing his true identity as he had not given any other indication. However, the man was either playing stupid, or he truly had no idea on Felicity and Cisco's whereabouts. 

Oliver pointed an arrow at the man's face, "For the last time... Where... are... they?" Oliver said sternly, his hood shielding his face.

Lionel's phone beeped from in his pocket, "That call could be the one we have been waiting on... It will tell us what your friends are doing at this precise moment..." Lionel told him. Oliver lowered his bow, to allow him to answer it. 

Lionel didn't say anything, he just listened and then ended the call. "It won't be long now." He told them. "They want me to give you the coordinates, and for the sake of all of us. I hope you make it!"


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