Last modified: December 27th, 2019

General questions

What is FreeFiction?

FreeFiction is a platform for readers and writers to collaborate and share their creations with the world.

Because FreeFiction is also open source, any new ideas that members of the community want are free to request it, or even contribute to the source code and add features that will benefit the whole community.

What does "Free" in FreeFiction represent?

Your freedom of expression. Your freedom of speech. Free, unrestricted access to creations. This website is also free in terms of source code which is licensed under the permissive MIT License. Allowing you to freely modify and redistribute the code.

You're also free to make the website into what you want it to be as a writing platform. You can freely contribute to the website and add features.

We will not impose paywalls. However, we will occasionally ask for donations to keep the website online if it becomes popular as unfortunately, hosting a website does cost money to keep the server powered on. However, any donations we get will only go towards server costs, upgrading infrastructure, and paying developers for their time to maintain it 24/7 to ensure people have an uninterrupted and enjoyable experience.

Why is this platform free?

'Free' has two meanings. One meaning is that it is free as in free beer, and the other is that it is free as in freedom. This platform is free as in free beer, to be used by all users without cost because we believe in giving everyone equal access to a wide collection of books without submitting everyone to paywalls and ads.

The reason why this platform is free as in freedom as well is because we believe that there is no reason to hide the source code. It's free and open source by default. Our source code can be modified by anyone, and you can host your own FreeFiction server rebadged as something else if you want to for some reason.

Why are there no ads?

Ads look very tacky, consume lots of data, and there are countries where data costs a lot of money. They also add a layer of security issues as they often get used to track users, follow them around the internet, and sell that data to other companies. We do not want to faciliate this behaviour on our platform.

If you want to support our platform, then you can donate to our patreon.

Why are there no paywalls?

We do not want to block people from accessing books on this site. Even if we did, people can still find a way around it anyway.

Can my books be copyrighted on this website?

You're free to copyright them if you wish. However, we encourage fan-fiction stories derived from your creations. We believe this strengthens your fanbases and allows communities to form, and thus, create more fans for you.

Please note that we will not take down fan-fiction works derived from your creations unless it is a plagiarised word for word copy of the original.

Why are you creating FreeFiction?

FreeFiction was originally meant to be a little spin-off project to get better at web development. But over time, the project started growing, and some authors have taken notice and got excited as apparently many of the sites that they use don't have the features that they care more about.

I was surprised to know about this, and this has given me more reasons to continue pushing this project as far as it needs to go in order for it to be usable.

Will there be native apps for Android, iOS, etc.?

At present, no. In fact, we aim to make sure that the website is very usable on any web browser so that it runs similarly to a native app.

However, If there are any developers who would like to create a client of FreeFiction for any target platform, then you have the freedom to do so.

I found a weird glitch/bug in the website. How do I report it?

If you suspect that an unusual behaviour in the website is occuring. Please send an email or submit an issue in the issue tracker with the following questions answered:

  1. What is the best way that you can describe the problem?
  2. How did you find this issue?

Do you have plans to add more features in the future?

Yes we do. Please see the gitlab board for more information.

Also, if you have any ideas or complaints, please feel free to send an email.

Community questions

What is a communitiy?

A community is a page that a user can create or join that can range from a particular genre, topic, or anything where a number of people can get together to discuss and engage with each other about a common interest.

How can I moderate a community that I don't own?

You can't yet. This is a planned feature assuming this website gets large enough to require more people to moderate communities.

I was banned from a community without a reason. How can I know what I've done was wrong?

That is a very good question. Unfortunately there is no way to know for now. However, this will be in the next feature update when we plan on adding extensive moderator tools for communities.

I think I was banned from a community unfairly. I thought this site was about freedom of speech!

If you were banned from a community, then there is a good chance that you did something wrong.

Regardless, FreeFiction does not get involved with community moderator decisions unless it is an official community maintained by FreeFiction. However, if you were banned from an official community, which should not happen. Then you are probably not the right fit for this website.

Book questions

Someone wrote a book that I found offensive. Can you take it down?

FreeFiction is intentionally created to permit freedom for writers to express themselves. Unless the content is plagiarised from elsewhere, we cannot take it down simply because you were offended.

Someone has doxed someone's/my personal information and has published it on this platform.

Please send an email with with details about the book and we'll investigate the matter.

Deeper questions

Are there any exceptions to deleting content off this platform?

While technically you can post any content you want to this platform, you should be aware that any content posted that is deemed very controversial should be kept off this platform as we will not be a platform that faciliates that.

Any content that is deemed very controversial will be deleted off this website.

We will not provide a list of what you shouldn't post. Just use common sense, please.

Are all of our books in the source code?

Source code is code that programmers use to create tools and applications with. Source code does not cover the content created with or on said tools and applications. The source code only contains a blueprint of how the website functions and how the database should work. Your user data is stored inside the database on the server, which is secured.

I have a copyright complaint.

If you are concerned that someone has copied your work onto this site and claimed it as their own, then please email us so that we may investigate the problem further.

Can I export my data?

FreeFiction aims to follow the GDPR as much as possible. Currently we have no method for easily exporting your user data. For now, please send us an email using the one you use for this site and we will send you all of your data.

Why can people copy the text from my chapters?

Unlike other writing platforms, we don't restrict users from copying your text as this is a form of DRM. Users can just disable JavaScript on the website and easily bypass this. Please do not ask us to implement DRM on this website. If this is an issue for you then just don't use FreeFiction.